Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy and Healthy

I’m having the time of my life. I am nearing 14 weeks into my pregnancy; just beginning the second trimester. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t moments that are a little challenging or times that I don’t feel my best, but for the most part, I feel fantastic. Many of the symptoms I experienced in the first trimester are just about gone. I have much more energy, almost no morning sickness and a decent appetite. I’m also more in love with my husband than I’ve ever been. I really can’t complain.

One of the reasons I know I’m feeling great is that we have been doing a lot to improve our health and lifestyle over the past two years. I’ve been seeing a naturopath/dietician, a personal trainer, and an acupuncturist/Chinese medicine practitioner. Along with my OBGYN, these wonderful people make up my wellness team, and I’m so thankful for them. I’ve learned so much about the benefits of natural and holistic approaches to health and in turn, have been able to make better lifestyle and nutritional choices for Jacob and I, as well as our dogs. Everybody’s feeling good!

In the last week, several people have noticed and commented on my “baby bump”. I can definitely tell my belly is growing and actually, I’m surprised it took this long, with my lack of stomach muscles. While I don’t mind starting to show - in fact, I feel very natural - I am very aware that soon, I’ll start needing to change the way I do things to maintain my independence. Luckily, I’m pretty creative in figuring out how to get things accomplished because I’ve had a lifetime of practice. Plus, Jacob is excellent at thinking outside the box and taking the best care of me.

One of the coolest and most recent developments is the fact that I’m feeling some definite “flutters” inside me. I know it’s early, but after poking around on some of my favorite baby and pregnancy websites, I’ve found that I’m not alone in the sensations I’ve been having. Other women report feeling these tiny movements or little jolts of energy from within their belly - even this early. I’ve noticed this a few times over the past week when I’m lying very still. I wasn’t quite sure I’d feel movement, do to my lack of feeling in the abdomen. So, the fact that I can already feel something is awe-inspiring, and so very exciting.

I’m still elated after meeting with the high-risk doctor. It was such a relief hearing from a doctor that obviously knows about spinal cord injuries and is very comfortable talking about my specific situation. He was so optimistic - expecting no complications throughout the pregnancy. I was so excited to hear that he also believed that the possibility for a normal delivery was really good. He explained that my muscles are active and strong and while I don’t have control, contractions would happen regardless. The power and resilience of the human body never fails to amaze me.

Keep an eye out for more updates, as well as some video we've been shooting. Thanks for reading and please feel free to send me an email if you have any specific, or maybe more personal questions. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share this experience with others.

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