Friday, April 27, 2012

Experiencing the MV-1 in NYC

Not even a week after my last day at Brenau, my family and I were off to New York City. I was asked to be a spokesperson and model for the new MV-1 at the New York International Auto Show. It was a busy and exciting 11 days. Kamryn did so awesome and we made a new family in the great people that work for the Vehicle Production Group (VPG).

Let me tell you a little bit about VPG and why they're such an awesome company. First, they are a new American manufacturer. The MV-1 is built in the USA, on the old Hummer 2 line. That is exciting, in and of itself! Second, it's the first American car to have the option to run on natural fuel, or CNG. The Compressed Natural Gas is not only safer and better for the environment, but it typically runs about half the cost of gasoline! Can't beat that! Third, and probably the best part from a personal standpoint, is the fact that the MV-1 is the only vehicle in the world to be built from the ground-up to be accessible for everyone! Not just wheelchair users, but scooters, power chairs, strollers and anything else that may need some extra room!

The MV-1 is not only accessible, but it actually meets, or even exceeds, all the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Now, consider what it means to be the first vehicle to actually be built that way. Other accessible vehicles that are available on the market are aftermarket conversions. The MV-1 is not a conversion; not an afterthought. People like me have been considered in the design and creation of this vehicle, which means it is well thought-out, as well as safety-tested. No one is cutting into the side, floor or frame to make a modification. It's about time.

And I must say, not only is it refreshing to have a car manufacturer considering the needs of a broader audience, but it's also just wonderful to have an option besides a mini van! I'm thrilled to know there's a vehicle, that looks cool AND can work for me and my family! In fact, one of the best parts of the auto show was witnessing and experiencing the excitement about the MV-1 and seeing, with my own eyes, just how many people's lives could benefit from this vehicle. Plus, did I mention how awesome it is to have a new American car manufacturer putting Americans to work? Pretty awesome.

Only weeks into my new career change and things are as exciting as ever. Our sweet baby girl is growing everyday and really becoming a little character. She is generous with her pretty little smile and getting good at giggling. Jacob and I are thankful every single day for how perfect our family is. We're on an exciting ride together and I can't wait to see what's around the corner! I'll keep you posted!

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  1. I enjoyed every minute working with you and the VPG girls!!! I am blessed to have met you and your amazing family!!! I love how you Roll!!!!

  2. “I'm thrilled to know there's a vehicle that looks cool AND can work for me and my family!” – Yes! It is pleasing to know that there are car manufacturers that take the needs of other people into consideration. WAVs are ideal for lots of people, especially for people with disability. This type of vehicle ensures that the passengers, particularly the handicapped and PWD, are comfortable all throughout the ride. And the ample space is perfect for you and your family’s stuff.[Thomas Wright]