Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Closer Everday...

It seems like all the pieces are coming together.  We've got two months left and the excitement is growing everyday. Last weekend, Jacob painted her room a beautiful "sun shower yellow." It's starting to feel like a nursery with the valence hung up, little hangers in the closet and a few of her things filling up some of the space. My talented husband also started construction on the accessible crib. He's doing such a great job and I can't wait to see the finished product.

We had our first "non-stress tests" (or NST) this week. In the last two weeks or so, I've had some tightening in my abdomen that we think could possibly be some minor contractions. My doctor assured me that "Braxton Hicks" are pretty common and harmless unless they started to occur more frequently. Just to be safe and keep a good eye on things, we'll start going in twice a week for these NST's, which monitor for contractions, as well as the baby's activity. When I go in, I lay on the table (with plenty of pillows) for about 40 minutes to an hour with a belt strapped to my belly. A print out provides the information the doctor is looking for. The first of these tests went great and I loved it when my doctor came in at the end, looked at the read-out, smiled and shook her head and said, "This is one beautiful baby. Everything is perfect, you can go on home."

This week, I had a great time speaking to the first-year Occupational Therapy students at Brenau University. This is the third time I've spoken to that class about mobility issues and being a wheelchair user, but the first time I've had the opportunity to share insights as to what my experiences are while pregnant. I've had many occupational therapists make a real positive impact on me over the years, so I am glad to offer any knowledge that might help these students. They were pretty impressed that at 7 1/2 months along, that I can still lift myself up into our Chevy Trail Blazer, on my own. We're in the process of getting a new accessible vehicle for me, and I look forward to that more than I can say!

I feel so fortunate to still be feeling so great this far along. Aside from some spells of exhaustion, some occasional cramped feelings (especially after I eat), shortness of breath here and there, and a recent slight increase in muscles spasms - I can't help but consider myself lucky. Also, despite some extra time and effort it takes for me to accomplish daily tasks, I'm still managing to take care of myself pretty much as usual, and I'm thankful for that as well.

As Jacob lit our first fire today, I had a noticeable awareness that we are nearing the season that our daughter will join us. She'll be here before we know it. Next weekend, we'll attend our child birth class. In three weeks, we'll have the first of our baby showers. I have a feeling we'll be pretty busy from here on out. And I'm looking forward to every moment of it.

Remember, if you or someone you know has some questions for me, feel free to send an email here, and you may also share this post. Thanks for following along and until next time, Happy Fall!


  1. I'm so pleased that you commented on my post which led me here to your blog. You may know already - from reading Momfo - that my daughter is disabled (much more severely than you). I love reading positive stories from people who found strength in disability, but for you to be pregnant as well! I am now utterly fascinated with your story and will definitely be reading.
    Best wishes! Stacie

  2. Thanks so much, Stacie! Your daughter is lucky to have a Mom like you! :)